Dear friends, 

We invite you to come to Kyiv and join millions of Ukrainians who hold peaceful protests for their rights and dignity. They stood up against abuse of power and use of violence by Victor Yanukovych’s regime who not only undermined the European aspirations of the majority of Ukrainians, but used police forces against own citizens. And in this peaceful struggle for freedom and dignity we need your support. The participation of the EU citizens in manifestations in Kyiv will be a powerful reason for the government to refrain from a new use of force against peaceful protesters.

If European values prevail in Ukraine it would make a great difference all over the region. This struggle is not only about the future of Ukraine – it is about Europe.

If you decide to come the only thing you need is to get to Ukraine. Here the activists of peaceful protest will be happy to help you to accommodate, get board and lodging.

Where to go: House of Trade Unions, Independence Square 2, Kyiv, Ukraine

If you have any questions feel free to call:
  • Marta +38 063 375 4134 (mówi po Polsku)
  • Irina +49 152 11 241 989 (spricht Deutsch)
  • Alex +38 066 755 95 09 (speaks English)
Note: Citizens of the EU countries, USA and Switzerland DO NOT need visa to come to Ukraine for 90 days. 


European revolution in Ukraine: what it is all about

At the end of November Ukraine was a step away from signing the Association Agreement with the EU which could guarantee that this young country is firmly anchored with Europe and basic European values. President Yanukovich at the very last moment had succumb to Russian overwhelming pressure and rejected to sign the Agreement at the EU Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius. It provoked peaceful rallies of young Ukrainians sharing strong belief in European future of their country. 

On November, 30 late at night several hundred students vowing their support for Ukraine's development along European standards at the central square of Kyiv were brutally suppressed by riot police units. Cruel policemen didn't discriminate neither women, nor teenagers beating even those who fell to the ground. The pictures of those atrocities shocked Ukrainians and the very next day 800 thousand of them took to the streets to stand for their rights and dignity and bring assertive cleptocratic regime to responsibility.  

Their demands are simple and fair:
  • Punishment of those who used force against peaceful protesters;
  • Renewal of the process of European integration of Ukraine cut down by the ruling regime due to its behind the curtain dealings with Russian President Vladimir Putin;
  • Resignation of the government discredited with use of violence against its own people;
  • Early elections of the president and the parliament of Ukraine;
  • Release of illegally detained participants of peaceful protests.

For the last 10 days protest grew in strength and dynamic. The lack of will for any compromises on the side of Yanukovich and his gang who continued repressions against activists and showed no desire to punish police officials pushed Ukrainians into even greater outrage. Last Sunday more than a million citizens participated in a rally in Kyiv calling for justice and observance of their rights. 

The struggle is on since thirst for freedom and democracy is in the hearts and minds of the most of Ukrainians.